The purge of Antonio Scurati from Rai, at least for one evening, is the political-media affair that dominated the entire weekend. Impossible that he didn't also arrive at the Sunday evening table What weather is it. Also because among the most anticipated guests of the evening hosted by Fabio Fazio, there was also Roberto Saviano, himself withdrawn from the Rai programming in recent months, with a program (Insiders) blocked before the broadcast of episodes already recorded. “And in my case there was not the outcry that we saw in the last hours with Scurati,” remembers the Neapolitan writer with a touch of bitterness. “If you behave like him, you will end up like him,” was the message that government leaders already wanted to convey to all other artists, says Saviano, according to which the result is now visible. But for once, the host of the conference also has his say: Fabio Fazio. He also has a say, given the rocky end of his relationship with Rai less than a year ago. So how do you assess the short circuit that occurred with Fazio stopping Scurati's monologue on April 25? With disbelief, like many: “It is surprising that in 2024 we still do not agree on the founding values ​​that should be established: anti-fascism, April 25 and therefore freedom, including that of allowing those who think differently speak the same thing. same”. Public service, Fazio then reminds, “must belong to everyone, the word says so”. Until now, the general considerations are almost obvious. But then comes the personal note, in the sign of the branch of 'olivier: “As you know from day one, even though Luciana and I were deemed incompatible, I support Rai because he is mine too, he belongs to all of us. That's why I hope for everything. my heart a future different from the current climate, because there is the possibility of creating it.” Wishful thinking?

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