Elon Musk could offer decisive help in the management of emergencies arising from the worrying bradyseism of the Campi Flegrei, which in recent days has maintained great attention on the area due to the strong tremors recorded. The owner of Tesla has in fact made himself available, accompanied by his SpaceX, to intervene in the event of an emergency. But the agreement with Palazzo Chigi, he writes Republic, seems blocked. Italian SpaceX sources have in fact declared that “Italy is Italy; if something big happens, Musk is there. » The question of emergencies is very delicate. We are ready to provide support if necessary. » Help would consist of the possibility of using the Starlink satellite constellation in the event of a natural disaster: communications are essential to activate the rescue machine and monitor the effectiveness of emergency exits. “But at the moment we have no agreement,” emphasizes the company.

The deal is at a standstill

Although at the beginning of the year Infratel, the subsidiary of the Ministry of Commerce and Made in Italy, promoted mediation with the Ministry of the Interior for the use of satellites, SpaceX explains that it “has not had no further feedback. Civil protection has never been revealed either.” No more than yesterday, during the ministerial summit at the Chigi Palace to take stock with Prime Minister Meloni on the seismic swarm of the Phlegrian Fields, the subject did not seem to have been addressed.

The importance of Starlink

An emergency connectivity system, such as Starlink, could fill the Italian government's gaps on two fronts. First, ensure the timely exchange of information between fire stations, hospitals and firefighters in the event of an emergency. Second, map the territory to obtain high-definition satellite images, in order to precisely identify possible critical points. Another system that could prove useful, he writes again Republicis the “direct to cell” one, which allows you to have active and searchable mobile phones (for emergency calls and messages).


Elon Musk's satellites had already proven extremely useful following the floods in Emilia-Romagna last year. In collaboration with the Unipol group, the company succeeded in restoring Internet connection in areas devastated by water and landslides. A fundamental tool to bring emergencies, barracks, public administrations and front-line first responders back online. After reestablishing the normal connection of these fundamental actors, the network was therefore reintroduced to SMEs and schools.

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