“EU policies will destroy the United States”: who is behind the strange advertisements that appeared in some Italian newspapers today

There is a somewhat unusual announcement appearing in some of Italy's major newspapers today. The announcement reads: “EU policies put Western civilization at risk. » The message is carried by the Eu-Us Forum, a sort of think tank born only a few days ago with the aim of unmasking “the threat of liberal extremes propagated by the European Union” and “reverse its harmful policies”. Apocalyptic tones, which today have managed to find their place among the advertisements for the paper editions of Corriere della Sera, Sunday 24 hours And The truth. Although it announced the birth of the new think tank in Italian newspapers, the Eu-Us Forum is actually aimed at the American public, with a communication style that seems to follow the incendiary rhetoric of the American right led by Donald Trump. “As Brussels continues to shape the radical model of the American left, it is more important than ever that a police watch dog intervene to prevent the European Union from promoting socialism in America and around the world,” reads the website of the newly created think tank.

The EU-US Forum advertisement appeared in some Italian newspapers

Who is behind the EU-US forum?

The Eu-Us Forum, we read on the site, can count on “expert political analysts, business leaders and lawyers”. All united by the desire to “unmask the hidden radical programs” of the European Union, particularly in matters of “the environment, taxation, business regulation, energy, censorship and borders”. But in reality, only two names appear on the think tank's website, both attributable to Donald Trump's White House. The first is Matt Mowers, who describes himself as a “respected national public affairs strategist and former diplomat,” who is currently president of Valcour, a global public strategy. The second prominent member of the Eu-Us Forum is Joseph Grogan, a “health and regulatory expert” with experience in both the private sector and government. What Mowers and Grogan have in common is not only their disgust with the policies adopted by the European Union in recent years, but also a history of working in the White House. Mowers, in particular, was an advisor to the State Department, while Grogan is the former director of the Domestic Policy Council.

The “threat” of European policies

According to the founders of the EU-US Forum, even “an ocean is not enough to distance the United States from the catastrophic ideas of the EU”. Mowers and Grogan therefore appeal to all American conservatives to join forces to react and “denounce the failures” of Brussels before they establish themselves among American voters. Among the legislative initiatives targeted by the think tank are universal health care, the repression of gasoline and diesel cars but also the tax policies on the wealthy classes put in place by certain European countries. All these measures, affirms the EU-US Forum, are now part of the range of proposals of the American left and threaten to “destroy” the Stars and Stripes economy.

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