She jokingly takes the chair away from her classmate and ends up in the hospital, the judge condemns her parents: “They didn't know how to educate her”

The Court of Florence has condemned the parents of a student at a school in Impruneta for “insufficient educational action”. Nine years ago, the little girl was the protagonist of a prank that ended badly against a classmate. At the time, aged 13, she had pulled her friend's chair as she was about to sit down. The victim of the prank had fallen disastrously to the ground. And he had suffered a head injury and damaged teeth after hitting the wall and the floor during the fall. The same day, she was admitted to the Meyer Hospital in Florence, where she underwent dental and eye care as well as treatment for the head trauma she had suffered.

The condemnation of the parents

As reconstructed by Corriere Fiorentino, after this incident, the parents of the victim denounced the school and the parents of the student who committed the prank. During the trial, the lawyers who assisted the family of the 13-year-old girl tried to demonstrate that the trauma was only the result of a “joyful argument between two friends”, the young girl having never had intending to harm his classmate. But the judges didn't see it the same way. The school's insurance had to compensate the victim of the prank to the tune of 2,800 euros for bodily damage. Additionally, the parents of the 13-year-old girl were held responsible for their daughter's behavior. And they were ordered to pay 5,000 euros in compensation for moral damage and moral suffering.

In the reasons for the sentence, the Florence judge considered the behavior of the girl who wrote the joke guilty, which could not be justified from the point of view of the game. For the judge, the age of the students, above 12 years, was sufficient for them to understand what the consequences of their actions would be. But according to the court, the real perpetrators were the parents, who were responsible for educating their children and teaching them appropriate behavior in a school context. For the judge, the manner of the event “demonstrates the insufficiency of the parent's educational action and therefore his responsibility”.

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