There could be a parliamentary commission of inquiry into this matter. It was the idea of ​​the Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, launched on the sidelines of an event in Milan. “Yesterday – underlined the minister – I had a meeting with Defense Minister Crosetto, with an informal exchange of opinions. I believe that at this stage, we can and must reflect on the need to create a parliamentary commission of inquiry with investigative powers to analyze once and for all this drift which had already proven to be very serious at the time. of the Palamara scandal and now, in Cantone's precise words, it has become even more serious.”

“I have always denounced this critical issue. There is now a point of no return.”

The investigations carried out by the Perugia public prosecutor's office into the abusive surveillance of computer archives and databases carried out by former Guardia di Finanza officer and member of the National Anti-Mafia Directorate Pasquale Striano may have opened Pandora's box. “What emerges in the DNA is the subject of a judicial investigation – continued Nordio -. Obviously, the Ministry of Justice is extremely attentive to what has been reported in recent days, particularly during the hearings. The words used by my colleague Cantone were extremely strong and, after these extremely harsh assessments, I believe that it is necessary to carry out a very, very deep reflection on what the violations of individual rights to private life are. These violations have already been committed in the past, through the sometimes illegal, sometimes simply imprudent dissemination of telephone tapping undermining the legitimacy and personality of the individuals who were subject to it. I have always denounced this criticality. I believe that we have now reached the crucial point, perhaps a point of no return, and that a deep reflection is therefore necessary which, in my opinion, could and should be not only normative, but also political”, clarified Minister Nordio.

Minister Crosetto: “I am available for a hearing”

Defense Minister Guido Crosetto returned to the subject, declaring himself available for a hearing. “Today I heard the president of Copasir, the honorable Lorenzo Guerini, and the president of the anti-mafia commission, the honorable Chiara Colosimo, and I gave them all my availability for a hearing relating to the file generated by one of my complaints. I thank Dr. Cantone for the words of gratitude he wanted to use towards me. I believe that I only did my duty as a citizen and to protect the institutions that I represent today,” he declared.

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