It's not just the case of Antonio Scurati and his “censored” monologue of April 25 What will be, the Rai 3 program hosted by Serena Bortone. During this evening's episode, Saturday April 20, the debate on the meaning of Rai's intervention on the monologue with strong anti-fascist (and anti-Meloni) connotations shortly after gave way to a discussion on a another burning issue on the political agenda: the application of law 194. In recent days, a controversy has broken out – even at the European level – over an amendment to the Pnrr decree proposed by the Brothers of Italy which could have opened the way to the entry of pro-life associations into counseling centers. Among Serena Bortone's guests called to comment in the studio on the political events of the moment was also the deputy director of Tg1 Incoronata Boccia. Who first minimized the Scurati case by speaking of “the text of a militant intellectual who decides to tell part of the story, and who affirms it while updating this story with current political events”. He then fought over the question of whether anti-fascism is important (or not) with other guests in attendance, including former Tg1 presenter Tiziana Ferrario. But Boccia launched the real “bomb” on the subject of abortion. A statement probably carefully prepared, given the premise: “I am about to say words that I realize are strong, and far be it from me to judge people, stories. But the principle is judged. We trade crime for law. Here we are afraid to say – even politics says it – that abortion is murder.” Smiles through clenched teeth and lost looks in the studio, where in the disorientation we hear someone – perhaps Ferrario herself – sigh an incredulous “no…” But the deputy director of Tg1 continues by citing in support of her thesis – in line with that of the Vatican – a great historical figure, that of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. : “There is nothing to smile about. I did not say it When the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the powerful of the Earth trembled because when it was asked. the question of what was the greatest sin, the greatest tragedy of humanity, this little woman courageously answered “abortion”, not war.

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