Elon Musk has confirmed using ketamine, a substance used in anesthesia, but also, at lower doses, as a psychedelic substance useful to combat depressive states. “It's true, I take it under prescription and under regular medical supervision,” said the owner of X and Tesla in an interview with American journalist Don Lemon. “But I don't abuse it, especially since if I did, I wouldn't be able to work as efficiently as I do. I also work 16 hours a day, all week, so I don't have moments where I can't be mentally sharp, where I can make mistakes,” Musk reported. From this point of view, investors in these companies have nothing to fear, quite the contrary. For Wall Street, what matters “is execution,” and so whether someone – like him in this case – takes substances that help him be more efficient or constructive, “from a of an investor, he should continue to take them.” As demonstrated by Tesla's success, Musk added. But how often does he take this substance, his ex asked him again anchor of CNN: “It depends, about once every two weeks: Ketamine is useful any time one feels in a negative chemical state that the brain cannot escape from.” It's no secret, Musk, that this condition is usually described as depression. In fact, he admits that he suffers from it himself, although, like many people in the world, not daily but from time to time, for reasons that are not very clear: “I think it's a genetic thing,” the entrepreneur says in the interview. Musk's use of various drugs was revealed earlier this year Wall Street Journal. Rumors that the person concerned had however categorically denied, also to contain damage to the image (and to the stock market).

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