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Cross a ford. Drive vehicle on rough and impermeable dirt roads. Climb on four wheels between granite rocks and Mediterranean scrub. And the “Defender Experience» which arrives in the north of Italy for the summer months Sardinia thanks to the automobile brand Land Rover.

This is how fans of immersive off-road driving adventures, amid adrenaline and breathtaking landscapes, will be able to discover the new all-terrain vehicles from the famous British brand. From the 90, 110 and 130 models which indicate the size of the car in inches, to the Defender SW11 inspired by Battersea & Elm, the London district whose postcode, SW11, takes its name from the limited edition.

The interiors of the Defender House

A special event was organized for the occasion Defender's House a few kilometers from Porto-Cervoi.e. a designer villa, with an infinity pool and guaranteed privacy, where you can book a short stay until June 27 as if it were a boutique hotel, to enter 360 degrees into the philosophy of these cars.

In the morning after a breakfast with sea view based on exotic fruits, Sardinian cheeses, salmon and homemade cakes, the guests accompanied by the company's expert drivers, good and friendly certified instructors, leave for a specially designated area. built in an old granite. career for adriving experience” where the capabilities are tested, what we call in automotive terms the capabilities of the Defender.

Anxious refrain. Because the cars with driving enthusiasts on board go up and down a 25 meter long ramp, with a slope of 35 degrees and a height of 14.50 meters, to then literally climb over a granite bridge and cross a river with water at the counter, obviously without getting out of the car. Emotion is guaranteed.

A driving experience, a must-have test for those who love off-roading.

However, off-roading in Sardinia with the Defenders that flirt with the adventurous life can be booked without stay, all summer, even for a day or half a day departing from Porto Cervo, in Defender Park which remains installed in July and August.

It's a good opportunity, mile by mile, to prepare to drive safely on more challenging and perhaps more adventurous trips after the summer. In the mountains or on safari for new challenges, challenges or competitions.

The thrilling driving experience always ends with a toast of bubbles or a chic picnic set up in an elegant Defender Park pavilion, between obstacles and nature that smells of myrtle, fennel and licorice, near the Fonte Belvedere in Luogosanto, fifty kilometers from the Costa Smeralda.

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Anyone wishing to book lunch or an extension of their stay can do so from Gallicante Stazzo Retreatnine suites immersed in untouched Sardinian nature and respectful of the environment: host Marco Berio, golf professional and director of the Pevero Golf Club for years Note La Torretta, inaugurated a few months ago with a private panoramic terrace on the roof.

Info:, cost of the experience for two people (half day) 400 euros.

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