Corporality, legal administration for Dior Manufactures

The Court of Milan – Section for Autonomous Preventive Measures – ordered the judicial administration against the “Manufactures Dior”society of House of haute couture, deemed incapable of prevent and stem the phenomena of labor exploitation in the production cyclein the context of an investigation concerning labor exploitation, in particular the use and exploitation of irregular labor.

The investigation into the gangmastering allegations was coordinated by prosecutor Paolo Storari and carried out by the Milan Carabinieri and is similar to others already opened in which the non-application of “measures suitable for verifying the actual working conditions or the technical capabilities of the contracting companies”.

At the request of the public prosecutor's office, the carabinieri of the Milan labor inspection unit allegedly noted that “the fashion house entrusts, through an internal company created specifically for the creation, production and sale of fashion collections and accessories (as part of a supply contract), the entire production of part of the 2024 collection of bags and accessories to third party companies, with complete outsourcing of production processes”. However, the supplier company would have “only theoretically with adequate production capacity” and would in turn entrust orders to “Chinese factorieswho manage to reduce costs by resorting to the use of irregular and clandestine work in exploitative conditions.

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