It will be held at the Rome fair from May 15 to 17 Codeway Expo 2024 in collaboration with the TEHA scientific group. The event dedicated to the international cooperation sector will once again focus this year on sustainable entrepreneurship and new employment prospects for future generations, focusing on topics such as: health, food security and sustainability .

International cooperation in favor of new models to follow

The process linked to international cooperation is transforming. If until now there existed a network composed solely of companies and investors, the emphasis is now placed on the involvement of private organizations thanks, above all, to the collaboration of countries in the South of the world which are showing more and more protagonists. of this change.

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Here he was born Codeway Expo 2024 with the aim of providing support, recovery and development projects to companies in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. A large space will be allocated to different companies which will be able to participate in special programs during the three days business to business and contact Buyer and potential partner international markets of emerging countries.

New for this edition will include face-to-face training regarding approaching foreign markets through conferences and events in collaboration with institutions, promotion agencies and universities.

Partnership with African countries for sustainable development

With Law 125 approved on August 11, 2014, development cooperation is explicitly recognized as “an integral and qualifying part of Italy's foreign policy» and is part of a broader and more global policy of bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

African vicissitudes have always had repercussions on Western society and in particular on the entire Mediterranean basin, always playing a primordial role in contributing increase cooperation with the African continent and not.

More specifically, sub-Saharan Africa has always benefited from particular attention development cooperation activities also thanks to Western links forged over time by missionaries, volunteers and organizations no profit. Suffice it to say that there is a common interest beyond the differentiation of energy supply sources. Concretely, according to sources from the ISPI Institute, we consider that in 2050 Africa's population will grow by more than 900 million and will reach 2.5 billion, with an average age of around 20 years. It is the opposite for Italy which will experience a demographic decline with a drop of 7 million inhabitants and a consequent reduction in national demographic wealth.

Rome International Fair: Italy and the African contribution

The Community of San Patrignano and Confindustria organized the sixth edition of the Sustainable Economy Forum focused on the sustainable economy, representing an important moment of reflection and sharing of experiences related to crucial subjects such as sustainability and international cooperation.

Marco Riccardo Rusconi, director of the Italian Development Cooperation Agency, opened the doors to a new meeting entitled Africa and the Italian contribution point out “It is important that the territories of the South of the world regain their identity with an emphasis on culture and training. The contribution of the private sector – as provided for in Law 125 which regulates international cooperation – is increasingly important, especially in view of the implementation of the Mattei Plan or, better said, of the new partnership between Italy and Africa..

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