Former Juventus striker, Carlos Tevez who had already had health problems in recent months and in fact should have undergone examinations, was admitted at night to a hospital in Buenos Aires after feeling severe chest pains, hours of apprehension on the state of health of the ex-striker for United and Juventus.

Already last October, the Argentinian collapsed to the ground complaining of chest pain and hitting his head. He now spends the night in a clinic in the San Isidro neighborhood. As reported in a press release from Independiente, the club of which Apache is the coach, the results of the medical examinations he underwent were satisfactory and for the moment the Argentinian will remain in hospital only as a precautionary measure.


“Tevez is hospitalized at La Trinidad Hospital in San Isidro and is suffering from chest pains. It underwent tests and they were satisfactory. Tomorrow we will continue a series of previously scheduled tests as part of the general inspection usually carried out.”

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