Carlo Verdone will celebrate on April 25 in his countryside in Cantalupo in Sabina, in Lazio, not far from Rome, where he often retreats when he wants to rest from the fatigue of the scenery and the city. “I'm in country overalls but who careslet's leave the city, come here, breathe some fresh air… even if a storm comes, for a change”, he said in a message shared on social networks to wish his audience good luck, but not before showing a stands more than 1.60 meters tall, which he is visibly proud of. “When I received it two years ago, it was like that,” gestures the actor, placing the palms of his hands half a meter from the ground. sol. Verdone does not hold back his euphoria when he presents the results of his efforts to his followers: “I wanted to introduce you to my best friend, who is this beautiful tangerine. Do you know how many fruits were produced this winter? made 85. I love this little tree.”

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