“Congratulations to the CNR of Pisa for hosting such a “prestigious” conference. Applause on open stage. Roberto Burioni, on social networks, attacks the CNR of Pisa for having organized a meeting with the Assis association (Association for Studies and Information on Health). The virologist recalls that the CNR is “a state organization financed by our taxes” and invites its supporters to “go and see what Assis is”. The reference is to the positions of the association which, over the years, has made various criticisms of vaccines, particularly those used to fight the Coronavirus. Assis, in general, has expressed negative opinions on the health policies adopted during the pandemic. Sharing the poster of the event titled Live healthywhich sees the participation of healthy eating guru Franco Berrino, Burioni adds: “I think that if the CNR also goes to the anti-science side, opposing it becomes useless.”

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