Rapper Medy Cartier, born El Marbouh El Mehdi, ended up in prison. Yesterday, Tuesday March 12, agents of the Bologna Flying Squad executed the detention order against the 22-year-old, who was taken to the “Rocco D'Amato” prison in Bologna. In 2022, the rapper was sentenced to 5 months and 20 days in prison for theft and battery. Two crimes committed while he was still a minor. Initially, Medy Cartier was entrusted to social services on probation and, a few weeks ago, he was the subject of a precautionary measure to prevent him from getting closer to his ex-partner. Yesterday, the surveillance court ruled on his case and decided that the rapper must serve his prison sentence.

The revocation of pre-trial detention, put forward by the prosecution after certain events of recent months which had seen the Bolognese rapper as the protagonist, was therefore accepted. Among these there is certainly the unauthorized concert last December at the Gran Reno shopping center in Casalecchio. An evening which ended with a huge fight and a person being stabbed. In the weeks that followed, Medy Cartier was also caught driving without a license. Then last February, the ex-girlfriend, a Roman influencer, was reported for criminal harassment, following which the rapper was forced to wear an electronic bracelet and respect an approach ban.

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