Images of Aurelio De Laurentiis, president of Napoli, who intervenes in the middle of SKy Sport's interview with Matteo Politano and takes the player shouting with them, have made the rounds on social networks. The episode occurred before the Campania team's second leg against Barcelona at the Camp Nou, which ended in a defeat for the Azzurri. However, a few hours later, the full video of this raid was released. In the video, the film's owner and producer from Naples can be heard saying to someone, probably from the Sky editorial team: “You too, what the hell are you doing?” I spoke to your bosses, they asked me if Di Marzio was okay with me and I said yes. He's from Lazio”, he says, pointing to the “unwelcome” journalist. Then he starts to leave, but suddenly turns around and addresses the cameraman: “You don't have to film when I speak, you understand ? Stupid!”. As he speaks these words, out of frame, the camera noticeably sways and tilts to the right, perhaps bumped or moved by De Laurentiis.

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