Argentina, President Milei fires the Secretary of Labor live on television: “He is notified at that time…” – Video

After the scandal and the reversal of the decree which increased his salary by 50 percent, Javier Milei, the Argentine president, dumped Labor Secretary Omar Yasin on live television. According to him, Yasin was guilty of the mistake of increasing the president's salary. “I fired the Secretary of Labor,” Milei said in a television interview. Faced with the surprise of the journalist who was not aware of the measure, the Argentine president clarified: “He is informed of the dismissal at this time, for the error that he should not have made.” In addition to placing blame on the Labor Secretary, Milei also pointed the finger at former President Cristina Kirchner, and specifically a 2010 executive order providing for automatic raises. Kirchner, however, rejected the accusation, specifying that the decree in question was not automatically applied and that the increase decided by Milei was on the contrary desired and deliberate.

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