Allegri's dismissal divides Juventus fans, reactions from those rejoicing in 'best day of my life'. And who already regrets it

After 420 matches and 12 titles won, the story between Massimiliano Allegri and Juventus is coming to an end. A stormy ending which divided Juventus supporters. On the one hand, there are those who thank the Tuscan coach for what he has done in recent years. On the other, those who have been waiting a long time for him to leave the bench. “Thank you Max. Three complicated years where everything happened. But you always did your best for us, for Juve. Good luck Max, real hunchback,” wrote a user on X. But there are many other fans who support the club’s decision. Under the club's post we read: “Right exemption”, “Finally some positive news” and also “This is the happiest day of my life”. Between these two extremes, there are also those who feel a little torn: “Allegri is gone and I can’t hate him. In fact, it's a bit like that ex who hurts you but whom you still love a little. Allegri and me in one toxic relationship», writes an Internet user. Looking through the comments, there are some who don't forget the mediocre performances of the last seasons: “But after three years of bullshit like this, you complain if he gets fired? This scoundrel should have resigned. » Finally, there are those who are already looking to the future and publishing a photo of a soldier waving a flag with the face of Thiago Motta, possible successor to Allegri, and writing: “Freedom”.

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