He died today Franco Tomba, father of Alberto. A very private person, Franco Tomba has always remained in the shadows, but he one of the protagonists of a long winter sports season, not only for being the parent of one of the legends of alpine skiing, but also for the great passion for sport, which has always distinguished him. Son Alberto he was one of the greatest Italian skiers of all time, capable of winning 50 World Cup races between 1987 and 1998

These are times when it is inevitable to relive the memories of an intense, lifelong relationship.» – declared the president of FISI, Flavio Roda, who has always been very close to the family of the Bolognese champion. “Franco is the one who made Alberto the champion that everyone knows, but he did it elegantly and with great seriousness. I want to remember an anecdote. He said to me: 'Flavio, make them ski in all conditions. Do you know how to trace? Well, listen to their feelings…' At that time, Alberto was the youngest and trained with his cousin Simona and his brother Marco.“. “Now I am close to the family, in this delicate moment“.

Franco Tomba leaves behind his wife, Maria Grazia, and three children: Alberto, Alessia And Mark. The President, athletes, coaches, managers and all staff of Italian Winter Sports Federation they cling to the Tomba family in these days of pain

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