2024 European Championships, Salvini: “They thought we were dead but we are alive and kicking. Bossi? It's strange that you vote for another party.”

“I comment on the projections, if we are even “0 points” above the results of the policies, there is satisfaction.” This was stated by League leader Matteo Salvini, commenting on the latest projections on voting in the 2024 European elections, which see the Northern League surpassing 8 percent. “We have a meeting this week with the League group to take stock of the situation. I sent a message to Giorgia to compliment her – he adds –. I thank the League community because everyone thought we were dead for a year, but we are alive and dynamic. » “Certainly with some oddities – he added -, with the former secretary of the party (Umberto Bossi, ed) who the day before the vote said that another party was going to vote… The internal conditions were not always comfortable but the members of the Northern League put their heart into it.” On the candidacy of General Roberto Vannacci: “Those who doubted the presence of General Vannacci in the team had a response from the people, who are always right for better or for worse If he approaches half a million preferences, that means the stretch. road we will travel together is approved by both Northern League voters and non-League voters Finally, thank you: “I thank those who have never betrayed, I do not like those who run away. and change sides according to their convenience – said Salvini -. The League was born 40 years ago and it will be here in 40 years.”

“I hope for a united and compact center-right without socialists”

“I hope for a united and compact center-right in Europe, possibly a majority, but without making cheap deals by talking with the socialists. I count on the center-right not to be divided in Brussels,” Salvini added via Bellerio in Milan. “Five more years under von der Leyen will not lead to anything good,” he concluded.

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