Reggiana at the forefront to guarantee greater accessibility to its fans. The Emilian club, which plays in the Serie B championship, has chosen to make Friday's match against Cosenza the test event of a new audio description service intended for blind or visually impaired spectators. A new initiative after the jerseys with the names of the players written in Braille that the Nesta boys wore last February 17 for the Reggiana-Ternana match. “Everything – we read in a note published by the club – will take place thanks to the support of the company 'Connect Me Too'. This is the audio description system that allows blind, visually impaired and visually impaired supporters to experience the sporting experience and make them feel like they are an integral part of the event. The service is based on a fully digital platform connected to the 4G network and can be easily used by users using their “Connect Me Too” smartphone. allows the broadcast of a hyper-descriptive radio commentary created by an industry professional capable of recounting not only the key event but also describing the details and nuances, for example what is happening off the field or in the field. stands, and to convey the atmosphere that will make the experience exciting and unique first chapter of a new social project that Reggiana will implement next season, with the aim of making it accessible to visually impaired people – to date in Italy. there are about 360 thousand blind people and more than 1.5 million visually impaired people – a special opportunity to experience home matches. An opportunity to exploit the technologies of the “Mapei Stadium – Città del Tricolore” which, also thanks to this new communicative dimension, becomes more and more accessible and open to the community and people. Reggiana's initiative is pioneering for the Italian Serie B and follows the examples of Milan, Inter, Genoa and Lecce and even the Italian national team, as well as Varese in the world of basketball.

Mapei Stadium - City of the Tricolor, Reggio nell'Emilia Getty

Mapei Stadium – City of the Tricolor, Reggio nell'Emilia

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