Wild telemarketing, find out how to defend yourself with applications

Every day we receive calls from telephone operators who try to sell us a product or recommend investments to us: this is called telemarketing savage and it is an annoying practice that annoys millions of Italians daily.

These are often recorded messages from numbers that appear to be mobile phone numbers and, even if we are not interested, they continue to harass us. Not only are they annoying, but they can sometimes hide serious threats to our bank account.

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How to protect yourself from illegal telemarketing?

As indicated on BuoneNotizie.it in this article, the first step to take is to register for the Public register of oppositionswhich represents the official tool designed by the legislator to avoid receiving telephone calls from commercial operators without our consent.

Despite technological efforts, call centers operating from abroad manage to penetrate the market firewall prepared by the guarantor authority, transforming the sender's number into ten-digit accounts, similar to our cell phones, encouraging you to answer calls.

Application to protect you from wild telemarketing

Practical remedies to install on your phone

It is not enough to register in the Public Register of Oppositions to avoid unwanted commercial calls, but in a few clicks and almost always free of charge you can install simple application directly to your mobile phone. Let’s see what they are and how they work:

  • Real caller: promises to identify calls and text messages, report spam in real time, and intelligently block unwanted calls before your phone even rings. Available for IOS and Android.
  • Call blacklist: you can create your own blacklist, block numbers from unknown or private users; in the paid Pro version, you feed the list directly from your phone's call log and you can also block telemarketing SMS as well as protect your passwords. It is only available for Android.
  • Should I answer?: free for your Android, it works anonymously: you just have to allow access to your contacts, your call log, your call history and set the application as the default application on your phone.
  • Hi: thanks to the use of Adaptive Ai, a self-learning system that, through artificial intelligence, analyzes all aspects of phone calls, is able to provide information in real time so that you can evaluate whether to answer a call. Sharing your contacts is not mandatory.

Did you answer the phone? Here's how to protect yourself during the conversation

If you are registered in the public register of oppositions (here is the site to register) and you have installed all the applications but you continue to receive calls from call centers, here is how you can avoid being subjected to scams or inappropriate accusations with simple measures suggested by the Postal Police:

  • do not provide your personal data or send a copy of your identity documents;
  • do not give copies of your documents such as employment contracts or pay slips;
  • do not communicate personal codes as POD or PDR of your electrical or gas system;
  • do not indicate your tax code;
  • do not communicate your IBAN code;
  • Don't say the fateful word “yes”: to those who ask you to confirm your personal details, it is better to respond “Exactly” Or “It's me” .

Even if it is still difficult to protect yourself from wild telemarketing or worse, online scams, remember to follow the advice of the Postal Police, avoid stipulating contracts by telephone if you have not requested it and, in case If in doubt, consult the dedicated State Police website.

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