War in Ukraine, Poland: “kyiv can use our weapons to hit Russia”

“No restrictions on Polish weapons supplied by Ukraine.” Cézary Tomczyk, Deputy Minister of Defense, said this during the broadcast Radio Zet. From what Tax, Warsaw thus opens the possibility for Kiev troops to use weapons supplied by Poland to attack structures on Russian territory. The new breakthrough in the debate on NATO arms against Russia, triggered by Jens Stoltenberg, comes a day after Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski made statements to The Republic and the Léna Consortium on the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine. “We shouldn’t rule it out. We should leave Putin in suspense as to our intentions,” Sikorski’s message.

Statements which sound like a warning addressed to the Russian president and which go in a completely different direction from those of the Deputy Minister of Defense. Last Monday, Tomczyk had in fact ruled out the possibility of sending soldiers to kyiv. During the forum European talks at the headquarters of Gazeta Wyborcza, the vice minister was clear: “This is not a problem for us at the moment.” Yesterday, the Kremlin leader also warned against the possible entry of Atlantic Alliance troops into Ukraine: “This would be another step towards a conflict in Europe and a world war,” Putin said. Meanwhile, Warsaw announced it would reintroduce a 200-meter buffer zone on its border with Belarus early next week. Prime Minister Donald Tusk declared this today, Wednesday May 29, confirming the remarks made yesterday by the Minister of Foreign Affairs on the imminent “strengthening of the border not only against illegal immigration, but also against threats “.

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