Lucio Cammarota doesn't stop.

THE walking dad Salerno became a symbol of consciousness on autism, step by step – it is worth saying – he continues to move forward in his life and his mission: pay great attention to children with autism spectrum pathologies, to the urgent need to make them feel cared for and integrate them into the social fabric.

Since 2021, he wears sneakers and never stops, traveling increasingly difficult journeys to keep his promise: if his son Rosario, suffering from aautism spectrum disorder, if he had made some progress he would have started walking.

So, step after step, he covers kilometers. He completed his last challenging route last June, when he completed the entire route to Santiago de Compostela.

The new business

The new challenge, the most important, left this very morning from Ferrol, in Galicia, Spain. The route to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle resumes, this time on the English side, the longest. But the most important news is that Lucio is not alone in this new challenge, with him is Rosario, today 15 years who, for the first time, sets out alongside his father, breaking down in one fell swoop many of the barriers and prejudices that accompany children affected by autism spectrum disorders.

A test that arrives for Rosario after the numerous advances made in daily life, in which he evolves more and more independently. For Lucio, a desire that he had expressed for some time and which is finally coming true: that of walking accompanied by his son.

Together, they will cover five stages: Pontedeume, Betanzos, Bruma, Sigueiro then the last stage, Santiago.

To undertake this journey, both underwent intensive training and a correct diet which prepared them for fatigue and resistance.

Above all, the mission of Lucio and Rosario together, he wants once again shine the spotlight on the word autism. This is the most important undertaking to undertake.

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