Despite the disappearance of Inter, Naples and Lazio from the Champions League, Italy consolidates its leadership in the UEFA rankings by clearly separating Germany, who are now getting closer to the English Lions. The knockout stages of the Champions League were indeed bitter for the Italian teams. Instead, everyone else in Europe and the conference league succeeded. The passage to the quarter-finals of their respective competitions was invaluable: the Italian teams brought significant bonuses allowing Italy to maintain its distance from its direct competitors, first and foremost England (16,250 points) which occupies second place. Germany also remains a threat: they currently occupy third place with 16,214 points.

In the race for the first two places which allows 5 clubs to access the Champions League instead of 4, barring a cataclysm, Italy should have got there, England being favored for second place. All other nations can consider themselves out of the question.

Brighton & Hove Albion v AS Roma Getty

Brighton & Hove Albion v AS Roma

UEFA ranking, the updated ranking of the top 5

ITALY 17,714
GERMANY 16,356
ENGLAND 16,250
FRANCE 14,750
SPAIN 14,437

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