Tonio Cartonio (born Danilo Bertazzi) got married: the wedding in Brianza with Roberto Nozza – The photos

Love is lovelove is love. With these few words, Danilo Bertazzi, the actor remembered by all Italian millennials as the famous Tonio Cartonio, announced his marriage to fans. Bertazzi, 64, married Roberto Nozza, his life partner for twelve long years in Besana Brianza. A moment that the actor wanted to share with all his followers, posting some photos of that fateful day on Instagram. There is a photo of the two newlyweds kissing, one in the company of their parents, but also a detail of their hands with their wedding rings in full view.

The wedding

Bertazzi's most passionate followers knew that marriage was in the air. “2024 will be the year of yes, I do. We just have to decide the date,” revealed the actor who became famous for playing the elf protagonist in the film at the beginning of the year. Televisionthe historical children's program of Rai Tre. “At 58 you live with serenity, enjoying your affections, like my partner Roberto, and your work, while you still have it,” Bertazzi said in 2019 in an interview with daily event. After twelve years of living together, her relationship with Roberto Nozza also resulted in a marriage that made her followers crazy with joy.

Farewell to Melevisione

A few weeks ago, Bertazzi had published a video on social networks in which he explained the reasons that had led him to say goodbye to Televisionone of the most successful children's programs ever made by Rai. “Every time I see a meme with Tonio's farewell to Melevisione, I feel a little guilty,” the 64-year-old explains in the video. The reason for the farewell, Bertazzi reveals, was related to health problems. “I was grabbed by the hair and had my first heart operation. It changes your outlook on life and makes you think. I remember being in the hospital and I was very afraid of being replaced, of never coming back, I called the writers and the producer saying: 'Please don't leave me at home'.”

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