Thousands of Harley-Davidsons paraded through the streets of Senigallia and Montemarciano (Ancona) for the penultimate day of the European HOG (Harley Owners Group) rally, the club of owners of the iconic American motorcycle. Around 2,500 people were expected by the organizers, but to the naked eye, these parades seemed much more numerous, with moments when we could not see the end of the procession. The two-wheeled caravan, starting from the seaside pier and roundabout, traveled from the very central Senigallia seafront to nearby Montemarciano, then returned via country roads to in the city center of Senigallia.

Among the thousands of participants, there were groups from Germany, France, Spain, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Slovenia, Romania and many other countries , including some countries outside Europe, such as Saudi Arabia.

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