Thirty, the Provincial Council approves the law to kill 8 bears deemed “problematic”

With 19 yes, 2 no and 11 abstentions, the Provincial Council of Trento approved yesterday late in the evening the bill on the slaughter of bears deemed “problematic”. The amendments presented on the creation of the Table of Large Carnivores and the one which reserves the slaughter of problem bears only to the Forestry Corps were therefore accepted. For 2024 and 2025, the number of potentially removable bears – based on a demographic analysis carried out by Ispra in 2023 – is determined “at a maximum of 8 per year, of which no more than two adult females and no more than two adult males. From 2026, quotas will have to be redefined. In addition: the chamber also approved the agenda of Vanessa Masè, with 28 votes yes and 2 abstentions, which commits the Council to request the modification of state legislation to allow those who frequent the forest for professional reasons to equip yourself with bear spray. . A possibility which should also be granted to holders of weapons permits and members of Civil Protection engaged in the search for missing and injured people. Demonstration of animal rights defenders: Oipa announces that it will launch a “Eu Pilot” procedure before the European Commission and the appeal before the Administrative Justice Court of Trento against the orders and decrees of President Fugatti in the case of individual specimens to be killed, with the right to appeal to the Constitutional Court.

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