the video of the fight. It looks like a “punitive expedition”

Ended up under investigation for brawl that took place at the Milan Club and the subsequent beating of the personal trainerFedez, recognized by two witnesses, is In recent weeks, he has been included in the register of suspects by the Milan public prosecutor's office for fighting, wounding and assault..

According to the video images of the collective attack in Via Traiano, in Milan, acquired by the investigators and according to the testimonies of the two security guards of the building, it seems that the rapper was the first to leave from the car and started the fight. , then they took out five other people who allegedly personal trainer, Cristiano Iovino, was surrounded and beaten. The images will be integrated into the testimonies of the vigilantes present on site. The dynamics of the episode of the confrontation between Fedez and Iovino, as it was immortalized on camera, this does not suggest that there was an on-site discussion between the two, but rather a punitive expeditionemphasize the investigators.


There the incident occurred on the night of April 21 to 22 at two different times. TIt all started in “The Club” nightclub at Largo La Foppa in Milan, where at 3 a.m. a fight broke out, in which Fedez was apparently involved with other members of the group who were in the private room. A bit later, in front of his Milanese apartment, the personal trainer, while returning home, he was attacked and kicked and punched by a group of people in front of City Life in via Traiano in Milan.

As we know, Iovino did not file a complaint and allegedly signed an economic agreement with Fedez or his entourage. To prosecute offenses of assault and battery, the complaint and medical report by the offended person, in this case Iovino, who had nevertheless refused transport to hospital and did not cooperate with investigations. In recent days, lawyers for both they reached an agreement and the coach he gave up filing a complaint. If the complaint is not filed by July, the battery and battery charges will automatically be dropped. This would remain a matter of brawl, liable to automatic prosecution, but still to be evaluated.

Social media events

Even after the fight at the Club, Fedez did not hesitate to expose himselfwith a speech at the Turin Book Fair, which earned him so much criticism and haters that his mother, Annamaria Berrinzaghiwho is also his manager, said nothing to those who criticize his son. On Instagram, he posted the meaning of the word “desire”, commenting “”It must be bad to rejoice in other people's misfortunes. How sad.” In addition to the troubles with the law, in recent days, the 34-year-old man also found himself in the emergency room for health problems for which he had to cancel his participation in the new program of the Rai by Alessandro Cattelan.

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