The Vespucci ship to promote Made in Italy

The opening ceremony of the American leg of the world tour of the Nave Amerigo Vespucci, a historic sailing ship and training ship of the Italian Navy and former ambassador of Made in Italy in the world, and of the Villaggio Italia, the multi-year world travel exhibition of Italian excellence that will accompany the Vespucci tour for seven other legs.

“We have chosen Nave Vespucci to promote Made in Italy, with a project that involves several ministries and is strongly supported by the entire government. The Villaggio Italia inaugurated for the stopover in Los Angeles – in which the Band of the Carabinieri Legion and the Frecce Tricolori will also be present – embodies all the Italian excellences, from technology to art, from music to culture. Excellences that, in this long voyage around the world of the Vespucci ship, will be a prestigious showcase of Made in Italy and a powerful engine for our economy and the image of Italy in the world that today travels propelled by the sails of the Vespucci”, declared the Ministry of Defense Guido Crosetto.

“Through the Vespucci we want to tell the story of the most beautiful Italy, the Italy of manufacturing, the Italy of artisans, the Italy of squares, the place where ideas are born and become reality. Villaggio Italia wants to be all this and is the result of the work done behind the scenes by men and women belonging to different realities with the common goal of describing our country in the best possible way, with the intelligence, sensitivity and creativity that the world has always distinguished us. It is a challenge that, I am sure, we will be able to meet with everyone's contribution and which today represents an important turning point,” he said. Luca AndreoliCEO of Difesa Servizi.

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