The teacher was slapped over a grade and ended up in hospital after being kicked and punched by the student.

A slap to the teacher who had marked his unjustified absence. And another teacher ended up in hospital after failing one of his students. Two stories of ordinary school violence against teachers come to us from Sicily. The first, tells today's Sicilian edition Republic, performed at the Liceo Cannizzaro in Palermo. Where a 16-year-old hit a teacher for a message: “We were in second period and the boy was not among the desks,” says the victim. “I waited about twenty minutes to understand where he had ended up and then I noticed his absence in the register as usual. It was at that moment that he, who had certainly read it live on the electronic register with his mobile phone, presented himself in the courtroom.” With a provocative attitude: “And by approaching, he slapped me on the neck so hard that it left a mark on the skin.

Violent schools

Anna Maria Catalano, director of Cannizzaro, reported the child to the police. “At the Disciplinary Council all interested parties will be heard, witnesses to the facts but also parents. If we decide to suspend our school, this will involve volunteering hours in certain associations involved in the neighborhood,” he said. The other episode of violence occurred in Milazzo, in the Leonardo Da Vinci technical institute The school had summoned the parents of the minor student to let them know that their son would have to repeat the year. The boy waited until his father and mother came out to attack the teacher with punches and kicks. The principal Stefania Scolaro also alerted the police in this matter.

The teacher's conditions

When he fell, the teacher also hit his head. He is currently at the Giuseppe Fogliani hospital in Milazzo for checks. The parents don't seem to know anything about their son's intentions: “From what they told me, the boy arrived suddenly, went up to the first floor and attacked the teacher. Who also hit his head when he fell. This is a very unpleasant episode and one that deserves to be condemned. And we are very sorry. Also because we have always sought constructive exchanges, both with families and with students.”

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