The Pope's favor refused to Paolo Sorrentino but granted to Whoopi Goldberg: the turning point of the new “Sister Act” at the Vatican

American actress Whoopi Goldberg reportedly received – during her meeting last week at the Vatican with more than 100 actors – a “personal yes” from Pope Francis for her next film. Sister Act 3. Indeed, with the agreement of the Pontiff, the film could be shot (exceptionally) in the Vatican. This is unique, given that the Holy See does not grant its spaces for the filming of films and had already refused it – writes theHandle – a request to director Paolo Sorrentino for fiction The young pope. On this occasion, given the restrictions on audiovisual sets, Sorrentino chose to rebuild the papal seat of Cinecittà, the same fate also applies to the facade of St. Peter's. However, some scenes were filmed in the church of Santi Luca e Martina, in the Braschi Palace, in the neo-Romanesque church of Sant'Anselmo all'Aventino, Villa Medici.

The Pontiff declined the invitation for an appearance

Goldberg, who in the film plays Sister Claretta, a nightclub singer forced to hide from the mafia in a convent, will appeal to the Italian production company Cattleya. Despite the approval of the filming in the Vatican, the Pope would have – specifies the press agency – declined the invitation of the actress to participate in the filming herself, perhaps with an appearance. The Hollywood star revealed during an interview on the Jimmy Fallon show BNC, of having offered a role to the Pope during a meeting in 2023. “Pope Francis is a fan,” the actress said and when Fallon asked her if the Pontiff had expressed a desire to play in the sequel to the 1993 film about singer Dolores Van Cartier who converts and becomes a nun, Whoopi replied, “No, but I asked her.” And it was precisely during last week's hearing, in which he participated with around a hundred actors and comedians from around the world, that Goldberg would have obtained the (very special) setting for Sister Claretta's next exploits.

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