The manager of Fincantieri asks the taxi driver for the inflated bill, he refuses: “What do you care, bitch?” The video appears: “Fired”

He first asks the taxi driver for an inflated receipt, after the “No” he insults him. And with the broadcast of the video by Welcome to the Favelas, someone at the company where she works recognized her and she ended up being fired. The newspaper reports it Tomorrowwhich reconstructs the story that sees Sabrina di Stefano as the protagonist, a leader of Fincantieri, with a past as regional coordinator for Lazio of the “Army of Silvio”, a movement close to Forza Italia which supported Silvio Berlusconi.

Back and forth in the taxi

The video went viral after being posted on social media in early June. In the video, the woman can be heard asking the taxi driver at the end of the journey: “Can you give me the receipt? But can we do it for 20 hours?” he says. “No, I'll pay him the amount he paid me,” the taxi driver replies. “But what changes for you, sorry?” he asks about Stefano. “And what changes for you?” the worker replies. “Let them reimburse me something more,” the manager specifies, who is immediately interrupted by the taxi driver in a dry tone: “But for me, nothing changes.” After the exchange of words and the taxi driver's refusal, di Stefano starts with the insults: “Stay as much of an asshole as you are. I understand that you're frustrated but…” And at the end, before getting out of the vehicle, the manager greets the taxi driver with a “Cog***e.”

The internal investigation

The scene was filmed by the on-board camera of the taxi. The video reportedly reached the upper levels of Fincantieri within days, who took countermeasures. The Domani newspaper writes that it tried to contact the director, but she was unreachable. While the shipbuilding giant immediately opened an internal audit on the matter.

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