The interrogation of Filippo Turetta: “I killed Giulia Cecchettin by looking into her eyes”

The refused gifts, the anger when he realizes it's over, the knife. Quarto Grado reported the interrogation before Venice prosecutor Andrea Petroni of Filippo Turetta, Giulia Cecchettin's assassin, on December 11. In Verona prison, Turetta recounts the evening spent shopping and dinner in a shopping center in Marghera. Then return by car which stops in a parking lot 150 meters from Giulia's house. “I wanted to give him a gift, a little monster monkey. I had a backpack with me that contained other gifts: another stuffed monkey, a small lamp, a children's illustration book. She refused to take it. We started arguing. She told me I was too dependent, too clingy with her. He wanted to move on, he created new relationships, he felt like he was with another boy,” he said in the AdnKronos statement.

Quarrel and aggression

That’s when the argument broke out: “I shouted that it wasn’t right, that I needed her, that I was going to kill myself. She told me firmly that she would not come back with me. She got out of the car shouting 'You're crazy, fuck off, leave me alone'”, the 22-year-old told the prosecutor. And then the attack: “I was very angry. Before to get out, I took a knife out of the back pocket of the driver's seat. I ran after her, grabbed her arm, holding the knife in my right hand. She screamed “help” and fell down. . I leaned over her, hit her on the arm, I seem to remember that the knife broke immediately afterwards. I then grabbed her shoulders while she was on the ground. . He hit his head. I put her in the back seat.” A witness will hear them, but it won't be enough to save Giulia's life.

The escape

Turetta then drives the car about four kilometers: from the parking lot in via Aldo Moro in Vigonovo to a more isolated place, in the industrial zone of Fossò. “While we were in the car she started saying to me 'what are you doing?' you are crazy? Let me go. She lay down on the seat, then stood up. He touched his head. At first I only thought about driving. Then I started pulling her and holding her with one arm. We stopped in the middle of the road, I tried to put tape on her mouth, I don't remember if she took it off or if it fell off on its own because I didn't have it put correctly. He was squirming. She got out and started running. I came down too.”

The murderer

Then the murder: “I had two knives in my pocket, in the car, behind the driver’s seat. I dropped one off in Vigonovo. I took the other one and ran after her. I don't know if I pushed her or if she tripped. He kept asking for help. I gave him, I don't know anymore, ten, twelve, thirteen stab wounds. I wanted to hit her in the neck, in the shoulders, in the head, in the face and then in the arms.” According to the autopsy, there were 75 stab wounds: “I remember that she was facing upwards, towards me . She protected herself with her arms where I hit her. The last blow I gave her was in the eye. It was as if Giulia was no longer there. and we left. My clothes were quite stained with his blood. » Then the flight to Germany and the capitulation.


The suspect defends himself with premeditation. Before the prosecutor, he claims to have recently purchased the adhesive tape “in case it was used to attach Giulia's graduation papyrus” (expected five days after the crime). And that the knives came from “the kitchen of my house. I had put them in the car because I also had suicidal thoughts.” While “I changed the bloodstained clothes with others that I had in the car. In the car, I always a change of clothes, blankets, something to eat and drink.”

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