The diver who accuses Andreas Sargent Larsen of violence: “He always made me feel guilty”

Valeria is the name of the diver who brought back Andreas Sargent Larsen, her boyfriend and gold medalist diver at the last European Championships. The girl has to take her high school exams and has been with him since she was 15. She said her face was slammed against the steering wheel and a pillow was used to smother her. She says she endured all this “because I was in love, for me alone he existed. I was little,” she says. Republic. She has known him since the age of 13: “My trainer, Benedetta Molaioli, brought him to Rome from Denmark. He had moved the seas and the mountains. We prepared together and a friendship was born, which gradually developed into a more personal relationship. It was never easy, not even for a minute. You would think we were a happy couple, he was nice to my parents, but that wasn't the case. I never told my mother many things. I was small and I accepted situations that I should have liquidated immediately. I apologized to him for everything, he always made me feel guilty.”

“He always made me feel guilty”

Valeria left the Aniene rowing club in December, the best national swimming team of which Giovanni Malagò, president of CONI, is president. “I couldn't stay any longer, I had lost confidence in my coach. He left me defenseless, he always protected his student. When I went to see her, devastated and scared by what was happening, she silenced me: “For me, Andreas is a good boy,” she said. “You’re in too much trouble, don’t talk to me about it anymore.” He explained to my mother that the violence I suffered depended on my attitudes,” he says. Because, he says, “maybe Molaioli expected a little girl not to talk to anyone in the pool and walks with her gaze down to avoid the jealousy of the diver she was protecting. I never really understood: what should I do, exclude myself? “I didn't do anything to make Andreas jealous. Instead, he betrayed me.”

Andreas Sargent-Larsen

Valeria explains that Andreas Sargent Larsen is protected “because he serves the Italian national team, individually and as a team.” At the Paris Olympics, she says: “I was included in the European Synchro Championships project, but at the junior championships, my shoulder came out after a dive. They operated on me, I did a year of rehabilitation. It was a difficult time, but I was working hard for the Paris Games. If I could have trained like the others, I think yes, I would have succeeded. They didn't give me the chance.” Instead, he will say, “It seems like an injustice to me, but I'm so disappointed and shocked that I can say I expected it.” Stay now to sport: “I hope to have a minimum of justice and move forward. Diving will be in my future. They may try to block me, but I will try until the end.

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