Antonella Boralevi's exit in the episode is still under discussion on social networks Post Tg2 from a few days ago. The writer, invited to the studio to speak Made in Italy in the bottle, wanted to express himself on the (alleged) relationship that women have with wine. “A woman always has to fight with that part of herself that doesn't feel good enough. Women drink like they smoke a cigarette, they drink to give themselves energy.” And again: “We don't need a glass of wine to know we're valuable, a small dose is better and above all never drinking alone at home,” specifies the commentator.

This hypothesis is also shared by the president of the national food safety commission, Giorgio Calabrese, who even questioned the science. “Metabolically, women – says Calabrese – have a smaller enzyme: if men can drink a glass, women better drink half a glass.” “Well, science backs it up,” Boralevi replies. But that's not all: at the end of the show, sommelier and master of ceremonies from the Prime Minister's Office, Alessandro Scorsone, also provided a (personal) explanation of why women drink wine. “Wine is poetry. An extraordinary way to get to know people and, above all, to seduce them, which is why women always like to be served a glass of wine.”

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