Summer in Austria: in the Kufsteinerland between nature and culture

All, one Kufstein, refers to the fortress: the sound of its organ can be heard even from kilometers away, just as its imposing size is already visible in the distance. For this reason, the region of Tyrol Austria, which stretches along the Inn River to the border with Bavaria, takes its name from this place. But in Land of Kufstein, ideal destination for a trip to Austria in summerthere is much more.

Kufstein Fortress, an icon over the centuries

It was first mentioned in a document dating from 1205, when it was in the hands of the powerful bishops of Regensburg. But over the centuries, the Fortress has experienced many events from its strategic position. Disputed between Tyrol and Bavaria, it passed alternately to both camps until the Austrian reconquest in 1814. And for a century, it has belonged to town of Kufstein. To conquer it today, simply take the panoramic elevator or climb the steps carved into the rock. Perhaps followed by Alma, the cat mascot who frequently visits its walls.

The important thing is not to forget to visit theOrgan of Heroes, which, with 46 registers and 4,948 pipes, is the first and largest open-air organ in the world. Built in 1931, in memory of the dead of the First World War, it rings every day at 12 p.m. (and also at 6 p.m. in summer), making the valley resonate even ten kilometers away. Declared a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, the instrument can be visited together with the local history museum, the Kaiserturm prison tower, gardens and underground passages. And music permeates the historic walls all year round with medieval festivals, concerts and musicals transforming them into an ageless scene.

Cool summer in the bathing lake region

Once descended from the rock, the Kufsteinerland awaits visitors with its water-rich valley. In addition to the Inn River, these are the swimming lakes to make it a natural open-air “amusement park”. Just think that it is the region with the most, six, in all of Tyrol. Examples ? There is the tray of Thiersee, where the lake of the same name is surrounded by meadows for sunbathing and picnicking and numerous bays tailor-made for the whole family. Stand-up paddleboarding is also popular here, with spectacular panoramic views.

Immersed in biodiversity, between reeds, bridges and wooden platforms, Schwoich it is the smallest lake in the region. The seaside part occupies about half of its extension and it is its crescent shape which makes it known to all under the name of Banan Lake. The largest bathing lake is rather Hecht Lake and is located a short distance from the Kufstein Fortress. Immersed in the woods, the lake offers solariums, playgrounds and leisure areas as well as beautiful hiking trails.

Excursions with views of the peaks

Speaking of excursions, the Kaisergebirge mountains, which dominate the region, are open-air gymnasiums immersed in the greenery of a nature reserve protected since 1963. Here, the rocks put on a show with their stratification of limestone in different shades, forming pinnacles and canyons here and there. sculpted by time. . To enjoy the beauty of this territory, there are several thematic trails: Naturalist adventure trail for families with interactive panels to 40 climbing routes for all levels. And there is also the Kaisergebirge Nature Experience, a program of experiences off the beaten track.

To reach 1200 meters and have the entire hiking area within walking distance, you climb the Kaiserlift chairlift which offers a special view over the Inn Valley to the border with Bavaria. Every summer Saturday, the first ride leaves at 6 a.m., offering the thrill ofsunrise at the top. Once you arrive at the station, you can access it View of the Adler (Eyrie). The viewing platform has a spiral shape and was made exclusively with local materials, from the wood of the trees, which already had to be felled, to the pebbles from the river.

Bikes for everyone: cycle paths at altitude and along the river

Those who enjoy more adventurous mountain biking will find the Tyrol cycle path, a circuit that crosses the entire Tyrolean region. For those who follow this legendary trail, the Kufsteinerland offers two mountain sections: the Kaiserradrunde winds over 80 km at 700 meters altitude around the Kaisergebirge massif, while the Pölvenradrunde it winds for 30 km around Mount Pölven, crossing villages and woods.

For those who prefer less demanding walks, the Hostel bike path it's the perfect solution: flat and asphalted, the track runs along the river between the banks and Tyrolean villages, offering relaxing alpine views.

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A map for a thousand adventures

You only need to stay at least one night in an establishment in the region to benefit from the Kufsteinerland map, an access pass to the main cultural and natural activities, which offers numerous discounts and free access. Among the most popular included activities, there is also entry to the Kufstein Fortress and a round trip by chairlift Kaiserlift. Added to this are guided tours and excursion programs, as well as public transport in the region. A key that opens a thousand doors, for a long-lasting and worry-free summer vacation.


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