Silvia Conti: why the director of the Pisa baton police was dismissed

Silvia Conti had no role in managing public order in Pisa. She therefore did not order the beating of students who demonstrated for Palestine. However, she is the first to pay while the children's parents promise collective action and 15 police officers risk being investigated. In the company of two commissioners and a director of the police station. Conti, head of the Florence mobile department since 2021, is the head of Celere. However, the head of the mobile service has a specific role in the management of public order: he organizes the men and vehicles at the service headquarters then sends them to the location of the demonstration. However, the place is managed by the head of the local police station. And sources from the Ministry of the Interior explain today to The imprint that the replacement was somehow planned.

Retired in September

Because the manager had been asking for a long time to return to her hometown: Pescara. In his place, say the unions, will arrive Francesco Trozzi, until now responsible for the eighth flight department in Florence. “The head of the Mobile Department is not responsible for any tension, but depends on the head of the service identified by the police commissioner of the public security authority,” explains the secretary general of Siulp of Florence Riccardo Ficozzi. Silvia Conti nevertheless sends men to enforce public order in the squares of the Tuscan city. Also in the area between via San Frediano and piazza dei Cavalieri, where the accusations arrived. During The Republic writes that the commander of the mobile unit would also pay for the choice of sending to Rome, for the public order demonstration in front of the Ministry of the Interior on Sunday February 25, the same men who had carried out the service in Florence and Pisa.

The career

Conti had a career in traffic police before becoming one of the first women to command a city's mobile unit. Yesterday, when the news of his departure broke, it was applauded for a long time by the staff. And she herself seemed surprised by the choice of the Ministry of the Interior. At the same time, the prosecution is trying to understand who the police officers were who chased the demonstrators after the first beatings after hitting them for the first time. And in the meantime, the director of the police station responsible for public order has left his post. Who would have been misunderstood by the men of the mobile unit when he asked to put more distance between them and the demonstrators. But even in his case, the promotion and transfer to Liguria had already been decided for some time.

Child investigations

The Interior Ministry has also opened an administrative investigation. But the police headquarters identified some of the young people who participated in the demonstration. Because two police officers were injured on the square. They now risk being filed complaints for unauthorized demonstration. Digos received the investigation mandate. The one who risks the most is the policeman who broke a young girl's nose. And who now risks injury charges. To identify it, images from security cameras are studied.

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