Roma Pride celebrates its 30th anniversary, organizers: “There are a million of us”

Tens of thousands of people colored the streets of Rome this afternoon for Rome Pride which celebrates 30 years since the first edition in 1994. “30 years of pride”, as the slogan (and logo) indicates of the event. There are a million of us on the streets today,” said Mario Colamarino, president of the Mario Mieli Homosexual Culture Club and spokesperson for Roma Pride.

To reduce the attendance a little, as almost always happens at every demonstration, the police spoke of 50 thousand people. The godmother of the event is the singer Annalisa. Many politicians were also present, including Democratic Party Secretary Elly Schlein and Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri, but also Laura Boldrini, Benedetto Della Vedova and Riccardo Magi.

He was the first citizen of the capital to officially kick off the 30th Pride of Rome parade, recalling that Pride is “a celebration, but also a struggle” to “overcome all legislative, social and cultural.” Elly Schlein sings and dances on the float which opens the parade, then recalls that “we will continue to defend the rights of LGBT+ people despite the government having missed another opportunity during this G7 where certain words have disappeared as if by magic. The word abortion, gender identity. , sexual orientation.

To the rhythm of Annalisa's hits, the colorful snake crosses the center of Rome, transforming the route from Piazza della Repubblica to Via Merulana and from the Colosseum to the Baths of Caracalla into an open-air discotheque, for a party that, like the slogan of this year, he has once again “renewed his pride”.

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