Olbia, a tourist couple hides their grandchildren in the trunk to board the ferry: fine of 2 thousand euros

Two tourists from Trento were ready to return from their holiday in Sardinia, which they had spent with their grandchildren aged 10 and 12. The outward journey went well, as did their stay in the crystal-clear waters of the island. However, as the couple were preparing to take the ferry that would take them from Olbia to Livorno, on Friday 28 June at 10pm, a problem arose. The two children did not have papers and their trip was in danger of being cancelled. So they came up with a completely imaginative solution: they hid their grandchildren in the boot of the Volvo SUV they owned and got on board as if nothing had happened.


Until checks by port authority security officers, the plan seemed likely to work, she writes. New Sardinia. But once they arrived on the deck of the Grimaldi, just half an hour before departure, the crew (perhaps alerted from the ground) realized that something was wrong. Although they had asked for four tickets, with the cabin and the car pass, they ended up buying only two when they asked for the children's documents, which they did not have. Once the children were discovered in the car, they were all forced to get off the ferry. An administrative fine was also imposed on the uncles: they will have to pay two thousand euros.

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