The FIGC Federal Council has given the green light to the possibility for Serie A clubs to register two new non-European players, still within the number of quotas already established by CONI. “We have completed the final turns and approved this regulation that has been awaited for many years. It is a success that we believe we share but which must be decisively attributed to the availability of the Aic,” said Federal President Gabriele Gravina , specifying that “the number remains the same, it is simply a replacement. There is no increase in the number of non-EU citizens”.

“Italy is among the countries with the most restrictive rules regarding the registration of non-EU citizens, we continue to resist but the comparison is no longer at the national level, requests arrive from all sides to be more more equal in the international world”, concluded Gravina at the end of the federal council.

Serie A football league president Lorenzo Casini Handle

Serie A football league president Lorenzo Casini

The announcement comes from Lega Serie A president Lorenzo Casini: “The Council went well. As for Serie A, we are satisfied, it has been more than 10 years since a request was made accepted: it was decided to adjust the number of non-European citizens who can arrive in Italy each year Before there were 2 including one as a replacement, in France they can take 4, in Germany there are no. limit, in Spain 3 and I'm not talking about that the Prime… The request was accepted, there will be 2 slots outside the EU without replacement constraints. I thank the AIC who understood the needs of the teams and. has shown openness. We will now have to think about the young players trained and strengthen the youth teams.

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