Meghan Markle may have given up the glories of royal life, but she's not giving up the passions she's always had: food and lifestyle. So yesterday – March 14 – he launched an Instagram account in which he announced a new business, American Riviera Orchard, which seems to be a brand fitting his inclinations. For the moment, in fact, little is known: there is only a video of around fifteen seconds in which the Duchess of Sussex, in low resolution, arranges roses and hydrangeas in a vase. In other images, she poses away from the camera in a black dress or prepares dough in what appears to be her Southern California kitchen. Just a few hours after its launch, the account has already exceeded 200,000 subscribers. A representative for the Duchess confirmed her connection to the project, but declined to provide further details.

What is it about

However, based on what can be inferred from the trademark application filed for American Riviera Orchard in early February, writes the New York Times, authorization is required for a retail store offering cookbooks, tableware and a catalog impressive spreads. Jams, fruit preserves, garlic-based spreads, sesame-based spreads, fruit butters, nut butters. The logo appears on the dedicated site, a golden calligraphic emblem and an email address to stay informed of upcoming products.

The previous

It wouldn't be the first time that the Duchess has invested in her passions: from 2014 to 2017, she wrote about fashion, travel and cooking on her lifestyle blog. The Tig, which he described as “a center for discerning palates”. He's posted cocktail recipes, interviews with stars like Serena Williams, and travel tips for the Amalfi Coast. While Meghan thinks about jams, the UK's attention remains vigilant on her sister-in-law Kate. That after the photoshopped photo scandal, she left Windsor Castle with her husband. Neither Prince Harry nor his wife, who has lived in Montecito (California) since 2020, have publicly commented on the incident.

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