Mahmood explains the meaning of “Tuta Gold”: “It’s a metaphor, I realized it after writing it” – Video

First for radio broadcasts, first for streaming listeners. On social networks, an avalanche of users imitate his choreography and on coil And history dominates his Golden suit. Mahmood came sixth at the Sanremo Festival, also excluded from the bottom five, but his song is a success everywhere. However, the enthusiasm of the audience determined to endlessly reproduce the dance that accompanies the song does not attenuate the social and autobiographical themes scattered throughout the text. Invited to very true by Silvia Toffanin, the 31-year-old tells the meaning of his song, closed “quickly” for the Sanremo selections and which for this reason he feared would be rejected. “I wanted to talk about more difficult moments to emphasize that they made me stronger today. In this song, the “golden suit” is almost a metaphor, to tell of the armor that I have created for myself over the years,” explains the singer.

The presenter asks him if it was difficult to create it: “When you create it, you never really notice it. When I wrote this song, I really realized what I had been through and how I had dealt with it. Because at first glance it's never easy, there's always this veil of sadness that accompanies you until you resolve this thing with yourself. I did this job,” continues Mahmood. Offenses have done me good/When I got out of college I took them and cried/You said to go back to your country/You know I don't hold grudges: the artist refers above all to these lines from his song, in which he describes having suffered episodes of harassment. “Before I really resolve everything, I will be happy,” he smiles when talking about the process of accepting the traumas he suffered, “but I believe that time, little by little, will resolve everything.”

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