The audience at the Fratelli d'Italia programmatic conference, underway in Pescara, is awaiting an announcement: that of Giorgia Meloni as candidate for the European elections. But in the meantime, other representatives of the Brothers of Italy are also working to disseminate grandiose communications. This is the case of the Prime Minister's brother-in-law, Francesco Lollobrigida. From the stage, the Minister of Agriculture called for the modification of article 32 of the Constitution: “We will ask to add this passage: “the Republic guarantees the healthy diet of the citizen. To this end, it pursues the principle of food sovereignty and protects products that are symbols of national identity. “A duty not of the right, nor of the left, but of all Italians”, commented the minister .

While moves are underway to reform the Constitution by establishing the position of Prime Minister, Melonians are considering what further changes to the Charter should be made. “From time to time I want to make pleasant announcements. I want to make one now, exactly in line with what I believe is necessary for Italy”, presented Lollobrigida, before making the announcement. But in conclusion, he thanked his colleague Tommaso Foti, “who will submit this amendment to the Constitution for discussion in Parliament” and his colleague Lucio Malan, “who, I believe, widely shares it and will do the same in the Senate A modification of article 32: because in our important and beautiful Constitution it”. there are things that it was not necessary to reiterate at the time, but which we believe are useful to reiterate today.

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