K-pop star Karina apologizes for falling in love

K-pop star Karina, a member of the group Aespa, apologized to her fans for falling in love. In an industry where some marketing agencies stipulate that artists do not have a partner, Karina had to apologize for her relationship with actor Lee Jae-wook.

“I know that many fans will be disappointed, which is why I wanted to sincerely apologize to those who have given me the warmest support since my debut,” wrote the artist in a message on his Instagram account.

The singer further stated that “each of her fans continues to be very precious to her” and that she wants to “soothe the hurts that she may have caused”, while working hard to show her more “mature” side and ” without disappointing anyone.

Karina's reaction comes after a South Korean online media outlet last week revealed the romance, which was later confirmed by Lee although it was still “at an early stage.”

The love stories of members of K-pop groups are a controversial subject in South Korea, because they go against the idea of ​​purity that these artists sometimes want to show and also with the almost personal relationship that some fans feel with them. Only recently have some artists spoken more openly about their romantic relationships.

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