Jorit and the selfie with Putin: “The snobbish West justifies war imperialism”

Ciro Cerullo, aka Jorit, is the street artist of the selfie with Putin. And today he says in an interview with Press that he would take this photo: “Five hundred years of colonialism have taught me that the West has the bad habit of considering itself the court of the world. The Hague should try those who destroyed Grenada, Nicaragua, Libya, Panama, Haiti, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and many more. When they judge Bush, Obama, Blair and the others, they will then have a minimum of credibility. For now, they are just a tool for the war against Russia. » Whereas the war in Ukraine, according to him, “started ten years ago” and not during the Russian invasion. Even if he specifies: “But do I seem like a person who is happy that there is a war?”

War and peace

And when Niccolò Zancan reminds him that he had his photo taken next to those who declared war, he says that after the selfie he was “stunned”. Very surprised. I didn't think I would succeed.” Whereas if Putin threatens with the atomic bomb, “this is precisely why peace must be made.” He explains having succeeded in creating a mural on Russian territory because “Mariupol is considered like a Russian territory and to enter Russia, you just need to obtain a visa”. They do not give visas to journalists, but they granted him one “because like dozens of international artists, I am participating in a festival of street art”. And he adds that those who criticize him “are not wrong: everyone is free to criticize. The problem is that, in my opinion, there is an attitude that reeks of the supposed moral superiority of the snobbish West , which is nothing other than the cultural justification of imperialism and war.”


Regarding Navalny, he replies: “So what is the solution? Democratic bombs against Russia? Iraq, Syria, Libya, Serbia: did it work? Don't you doubt that the West is not interested in democracy but in something else?” And on him: “It's a tragedy. Someone with more resources than me will clarify.” The last answer concerns the adjective “Putin” which they often attribute to him: “They don’t know my story”.

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