An autopsy will be ordered as part of the investigation opened by the Pavia public prosecutor's office into the death of Jordan Tinti, the trapper known as Jordan Jeffrey Baby, whose body was found hanging yesterday morning in a prison cell of Pavia. Tomorrow, the lawyer Federico Edoardo Pisani, the trapper's lawyer, who is now following the young man's family, will meet the prosecutor who is following the case, Alberto Palermo. Jordan Tinti's father calls for clarity and justice. According to the lawyer, there were “well-founded doubts as to the voluntary nature of this act”. And if it is a question of suicide, we must “wonder why Jordan was still in prison in Pavia, after having declared having suffered ill-treatment and sexual abuse there” from other prisoners. Also accused with Jordan Jeffery Baby for mistreatment, the lawyer specifies, is Gianmarco Fagà, another trapper known under the name of Traffik and like Jordan convicted at first instance in Monza for theft aggravated by racial hatred (an accusation later reclassified as private violence on appeal). Fagà, during the first period of detention, was in prison with Jordan, for this alleged mistreatment he will be tried starting next Friday in Pavia. “Jordan’s father will be a civil party in the trial,” explained the lawyer. The trapper had declared having been the victim of sexual violence by an inmate. Concerning the complaint, the lawyer opposed the prosecutor's request for dismissal. In November, the 26-year-old was placed in a therapeutic foster family in a community, but on March 2, the temporary placement was suspended because “in his room they found a cell phone and cigarettes” .

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