Italy-Ireland 0-0 on Sara Gama's farewell day

Italy and Ireland drew 0-0 in the friendly match at 'Viola Park' in Bagno a Ripoli, Florence. Sara Gama, who is playing her last match with the national team, leaves the field in the 50th minute, replaced by Elisa Bartoli. Gama hands over the captain's armband to Elena Linari. In the 63rd minute, Cristiana Girelli served alone in front of Irish goalkeeper Brosnan, who found the rebound, but it was offside.

In the 70th minute, Martina Piemonte shot from the edge of the area, but her shot was deflected for a corner. Shortly after, it was Lucy Quinn for Ireland, left alone by the Italian defense, who shot from the edge: her diagonal shot ended just wide.

During the 73rd Irish counter-attack, Amber Barrett serves Leanne Kiernan at the far post who puts it in the back of the net, but the referee refuses it for offside. In the 81st minute, Michela Catena served in an excellent position, she advanced to the point, she was alone in front of the goalkeeper but she shot from the corner.

Italy VS Ireland – Women’s International Friendly Match Getty

Italy VS Ireland – Women’s International Friendly Match

Tonight was the first test for the Italians, who take the field on Tuesday in Algeciras, Spain, against England.

In the call-up of 32 players by coach Andrea Soncin, the main innovation concerns three Sampdoria players: goalkeeper Amanda Tampieri and backs Aurora De Rita and Elisabetta Oliviero. Confirmed are Sampdoria player Eva Schatzer, born in 2005, and Julie Piga, Milan defender, who participated in the gathering before the World Cup.

Barbara Bonansea and Cristiana Girelli, both from Juventus, return to the team after missing one match due to injury.

Whatever the result, the Italy-Ireland friendly match remains in the annals as it was the last match of Sara Gama, historic Italian captain and fourth Italian player of all time in terms of national team appearances, 140 in total .

Cecilia Salvai, Sara Gama's long-time teammate at Juventus and the national teambefore the match he said of his retirement: “The camp really brought us together a lot. This surprised us, but Sara knows how to surprise us. A decision like this shouldn't be easy, but I consider it peaceful. She will forever remain unique and irreplaceable and deserves all our support today.“.

While for the president of the Football Federation, Gabriele Gravinaat Viola Park for the friendly match, “Sara Gama is a symbol for the entire movement. For us, this is not a farewell, it is a great resource that we will value in the future.“.

Then he added: “We are here to pay tribute to her: she is an extraordinary footballer from a professional and human point of view. This is evidenced by his 140 national team caps, his spirit of sacrifice, the pride with which he always wore this jersey. Off the field, she was then a tireless protagonist in focusing the political party's attention on the women's movement and upholding equal dignity and the demand for rights.“.

Women's National Football - International Friendlies: Italy - Ireland Rai2

Women's National Football – International Friendlies: Italy – Ireland

Here is the list of those called:

Goalkeepers: Rachele Baldi (Fiorentina), Laura Giuliani (Milan), Katja Schroffenegger (Fiorentina), Amanda Tampieri (Sampdoria). Defenders: Elisa Bartoli (Roma), Valentina Bergamaschi (Milan), Lisa Boattin (Juventus), Aurora De Rita (Sampdoria), Lucia Di Guglielmo (Roma), Sara Gama (Juventus), Martina Lenzini (Juventus), Elena Linari (Roma) , Elisabetta Oliviero (Sampdoria), Julie Piga (Milan), Cecilia Salvai (Juventus). Midfielder: Arianna Caruso (Juventus), Giulia Dragoni (Barcelona), Aurora Galli (Everton), Manuela Giugliano (Roma), Giada Greggi (Roma), Eva Schatzer (Sampdoria), Emma Severini (Fiorentina). Attackers: Barbara Bonansea (Juventus), Agnese Bonfantini (Inter), Michela Cambiaghi (Inter), Sofia Cantore (Juventus), Michela Catena (Fiorentina), Valentina Giacinti (Roma), Cristiana Girelli (Juventus), Benedetta Glionna (Roma), Martina Piedmont (Everton), Annamaria Serturini (Inter).

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