It was May 4 75 years ago, Italy was a country in the midst of post-war reconstruction and football was one of the moments when we could find lightness and passion: Turin was all the rage in the stadiums, winning well between 1943 and 1949. 5 championships. This team ended its journey tragically, in a plane crash where, at Superga, the entire team lost their lives. It was a sensational drama whose echoes still linger today.

There are therefore many initiatives to remember this day and especially the “Grande Torino”. At the Coverciano Football Museum, it is possible to relive the memory of Grande Torino through various souvenirs: from the grenade jersey of Virgilio Maroso, worn on the occasion of the tour to Brazil in the summer of 1948, to the blue jersey worn by Romeo Menti during the national team, which has been enriching the collection since last January. The Museum already housed another relic belonging to the Vicenza champion: a badge of Fiorentina, the team in which he had played and which he loved very much, which he always carried with him. After the accident on the hills of Superga, the former coach Vittorio Pozzo, called to recognize the bodies of the players he had trained in the national team, recognized the lifeless body of Menti precisely thanks to the pin.

“This year too, my May 4th leaves from Superga to pay homage to the Grande Torino of the invincibles. Because on May 4th we are all granata”. This was stated by the president of the Piedmont Region, Alberto Cirio, who visited the basilica on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the tragedy. This was echoed by Massimiliano Allegri, coach of rival Juventus: “It is a team that has left its mark on the history of Italian and world football, it is right to remember it with great affection.”

The most beautiful message comes from Claudio Marchisio, former Juventus and national team player: “On May 4 in Turin you look at the sky which, whatever the weather conditions, is always melancholy. You do it, regardless of your football or your faith in football . of the passion for this game, in memory of the Great Torino and all those who lost their lives at Superga that terrible day As the streets of Turin fill with people for. celebrate the Giro di Italia, find a few seconds to look up to the sky, to remember this team, to tell the children who they were, so that they always keep their memory alive.

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