In Rome, handshake between an Israeli and Iranian athlete

From today until next Sunday, the New Fiera di Roma will host the World Masters Table Tennis Championships, a spectacle of sports, colours and flags unique in the world and with great international reachIt is the largest sporting event ever organized, among those of all competitive disciplines.

Other athletes present included Ukraine, Russia, Palestine, Israel and Iran. On Monday, an Israeli and an Iranian meet at a ping-pong court and shake hands.Like the historic ping-pong diplomacy that marked a turning point in China-US relations in the 1970s, the Rome event also aims to send a signal of reconciliation.

An event that is not only sporting, if we consider the economic commitment made Organizing the championships is notable, but the benefits for the region are even greater.

The opening ceremony took place on Sunday evening in front of five thousand spectators.. Among the personalities present at the evening were the President of the International Table Tennis Federation, Petra Sörling, the President of the Italian Table Tennis Federation, Renato Di Napoli, the Director of the event, Giuseppe Marino, the Councilor for Major Events, Sport, Tourism and Fashion of the Roman capital, Alessandro Onorato. The participation of the Minister of Sports and Youth, Andrea Abodi, is also expected in the coming days.

They performed at the inaugural show on Sunday The Incanto Quartetcomposed of sopranos Rossella Ruini, Laura Celletti, Francesca Romana Tiddi and Claudia Coticelli who sang the Hymn Mameli and two other pieces, I Ping Pong Panga group of hip hop dancers, who performed the choreographies of Patrizio and Rachele Ratto, while the dance school The Circle and the Center presented a choreography by Rossana Longo.

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