In Leipzig, it's “red and white chaos”: in the encouragement match, Croatia beats Italy

Leipzig is a city of red and white tiles. More than 25,000 fans arrived in Germany to support Modric and his associates. They have already won the “cheering challenge” because there will be around 10,000 Italians in the stands. It is enough to take a look at the streets of the center to understand that, from this point of view, there is and will not be a game. A beautiful spectacle, but also a lot of noise, with choirs, dances, toasts and smoke bombs. The German police, very present in the areas most frequented by Croatian supporters, had to intervene by warning, megaphones in hand, that the lighting of smoke bombs is prohibited in Germany. However, the atmosphere was calm even between opposing groups of supporters, with the Italians getting to know each other, drinking and taking photos with the Croatians. In the stands of the challenge that deserves to be qualified, there will be, in addition to President Gabriele Gravina, the Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security, Claudio Barbaro, the CEO of the League of Serie A, Luigi De Siervo and Ambassador Varricchio.

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